« Unique and incomparable, it will surprise your senses…»

The Bareges-Gavarnie is a seasonal product which is available from June to January, there are two distinct products:

Mouton AOC Bareges Gavarnie - Viande AOC Bareges Gavarnie

The “doublon”, castrated male with a minimum age of 18 months, a carcass weight of a minimum of 25 kgs and having spent two summers in the high mountain pastures, from which it’s name originates (doublon = twice). This is the premium AOC Bareges Gavarnie product.


The young ewe (brebis), aged between 2 and 6 years, with a minimum carcass weight of 22 kgs, this is the staple AOC product.

The animals are slaughtered exclusively in the local area, thus avoiding any stress due to transportation, they are skinned by hand to give the carcass an optimum quality.

« So tender, such a delicate taste, so good…. »

The AOC Bareges-Gavarnie sheep roam the high pastures in complete liberty, the flesh is bright red, firm to the touch, and lightly streaked with fat, in general the amount of fat is minimal and of a pure white colour. The meat has a delicate herby flavour emanating from the variety of mountain herbs the animals eat in the mountain pastures, and very tender.

Mouton AOC Bareges Gavarnie - Viande AOC Bareges Gavarnie

« The AOC Guarantee.»

les garanties-IMG_5930_R

Each carcass must meet with the approval of a committee composed of the local producers. After examination of each carcass, and if it meets the necessary conditions (agrement) it is stamped with the initials BG on each side.

Mouton AOC Bareges Gavarnie - Viande AOC Bareges Gavarnie

In order to guarantee the origins of the animal a ticket with all the relevant information is attached to the carcass- see below: